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Share the Season

Since 2000, Share the Season has been serving families in the Wichita and surrounding community at a time when they need it most. The holiday season is about giving, and that spirit has always been at the heart of Share the Season. 


The funds raised through this program are used to fill the gaps left by other assistance programs. Share the Season is made possible through community partnerships between INTRUST Bank, NonprofitGO, The Salvation Army, The Active Age, and Splurge316.

Share the Season funds are transformative because they are flexible and meet the needs of our neighbors. Those requesting assistance are carefully screened to receive assistance, with payments made directly to the vendors. Assistance recipients must be working or retired and have an unexpected and recent financial hardship.


Examples of the services provided through Share the Season include a car repair for a parent to get to work, funeral costs, vital medical expenses not covered by insurance, or a paid utility bill because a parent lost wages due to illness. 

In 2021, we raised over $240,000 and were able to help 260 families. In total, Share the Season has raised over $4.4 million dollars and served more than 4,200 families over the past 22 years.


Share the Season is a unique holiday program that provides help and hope to families facing unexpected financial strain. 

Applicants are carefully screened to verify needs.

Recipients must have experienced a recent and major event that has resulted in a need for financial help.

Households may only receive assistance once every three years through the program.

Assistance payments are made directly to the vendors, such as the bank or utility company.

At least one of the following three criteria must be met: 


  • One adult member in the household must be employed or was employed within the last three months and currently be looking for work.

  • Retired adults must be receiving Social Security Retirement income.

  • Disabled veterans must be receiving Veteran’s benefits.

Please Note: If a household’s only income is SSI or SSDI, they do not qualify. This program does not purchase food, clothes, or furniture, and is not a toy assistance program. 

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